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Dry January

Dry January supports people across the country to change their relationship with alcohol through stopping drinking for one month using Alcohol Change UK's tools and resources. From better sleep and a mental health boost, to saving money and time - there's a whole lot to gain this Dry January. Going alcohol free for 31 days is no easy feat! Alcohol Change UK have compiled a list of 10 useful tools to support your effort in improving your health & wellbeing this January: · 10 tools to support your Dry Jan -

Want that same alcohol beverage without the alcohol?

Going alcohol free doesn’t need to be dull! The health trainer service has created some beginner friendly mocktail recipe videos to help show you that mocktails can be a great alcohol-free alternative to your favourite tipple.

There is a plethora of drinks choices that come with that same great taste without the alcohol included. From various wines, beers and spirits, Alcohol Change UK has a strong community across the UK that review the newest alcohol-free alternatives to help you to decide for yourself if you want to give it a try which can be found at -

To get the most out of your Dry January download the Try Dry app as well as signing up to coaching emails from Alcohol Change UK. Further resources can be found below:

If alcohol use is becoming a problem, our treatment and recovery service can offer help and support. Please visit or call 01670 798280.


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