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healthier families

The Health Trainer Service in Northumberland is here to help you build healthier habits for the whole family. 

From increasing physical activity to healthier food and lifestyle choices such as quitting smoking or drinking less alcohol, our qualified team are here to help. 

Supporting families to make healthier choices

The Northumberland Health Trainer service can help support your family in making healthier lifestyle choices including weight management, healthy eating and increasing physical activity levels.


As a service, we can work with those above 16 years to set family goals and advice on lifestyle changes.


We provide support through a 4-week online programme delivered by one of our senior health trainers. An alternative one-to-one service can be offered via Microsoft Teams or telephone. 

For more information, please contact the health trainer service on 01670 623 840 or email and a member of the team will come back to you.

Top tips to support families

Hints and tips for families to form healthier habits blog cover image

As a family, it is important to try and follow a healthy balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight and take regular exercise to help stay fit and healthy.

This blog entitled 'Hints and tips for families to help form healthier habits' aims to share some hints and tips to support your family’s progress

towards healthier habits.

Explore more tips in our latest blogs. Click here to visit our news page.

Northumberland Family Hubs

Young child reading with an adult, representing the Family Hubs Northumberland HENRY progr

Northumberland Family Hubs (previously known as Surestart Children's Centres) provide support to parents and carers at locations across Northumberland.


Family Hubs are spaces to meet, learn, take part in activities and access help and information.


Family Hubs Northumberland can provide support for families with children up to 12 years through their 'HENRY' programmes.

HENRY provides a wide range of support for families from pregnancy to age 12 including workshops, programmes, resources and online help. Gain the confidence, knowledge and skills you need to help the whole family adopt a healthier, happier lifestyle and to give your children a great start in life.


Further information about the Henry programme can be found by clicking here to visit the Northumberland Family Hubs website.

Did you know ...?

Simple food swap ideas can help cut down on sugar, salt and fat in your and your family's diet.

(NHS 'Food Facts' - click here for healthier food swap ideas

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