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healthier lifestyle

We’re here to help you build healthier habits by setting realistic goals and supporting you to achieve them.


You can make small changes which add up to a big impact for a healthier lifestyle.  

Physical and mental wellbeing

Small changes to your lifestyle can not only make you healthier, they can also make you happier too. These changes can include eating well, staying active and even getting enough sleep. 

A healthier lifestyle includes your physical health and your mental wellbeing, which is why our programmes are supportive and designed to ensure you feel empowered to keep positive changes in place. 

Your team of Health Trainers take a holistic view to health and wellbeing, which means they'll take the time to understand your current lifestyle, set realistic goals and ultimately find activities and support that will work best for you.

According to the NHS' latest advice, healthy living includes: 

Eating a balanced diet


Being a healthy weight




Quitting smoking


Drinking less alcohol

Eating well

By eating better, you can start to improve and maintain overall health and wellbeing, whilst reducing the risk of high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and more. Find out more about how we can support you to eat healthier by clicking here.

Weight management

Building a personalised plan that will support sustainable weight loss, will not only help you to manage your weight, it will also boost your confidence and fitness levels. Find out more about our weight management programmes and support by clicking here.

Fitness and wellbeing

Regular exercise is good for you - it helps your body to function by regulating energy levels, supporting joint health, weight management and can even help to relieve stress.


The most important thing is to find an activity or exercise regime that suits you and can fit into your lifestyle. Find out more about increasing the physical activities you do and the support available from the Northumberland Health Trainers team, by clicking here.

Stop smoking support

Your free specialist local stop smoking service offers a wide range of support services from trained professionals at Northumberland County Council. ​

Whether you're thinking about switching to e-cigarettes or quitting smoking altogether, our team of specialist, clinically trained advisors offer free, friendly support and advice to help you. Find out more about the Northumberland Stop Smoking Service, click here.

Alcohol advice

If you're concerned about how much you might be drinking, Northumberland's team of Health Trainers are here to help. We are ready to kick-start your new routine and help you to keep it going - find out more about the support available to drink less alcohol by clicking here.

Let's start today

Our team of experts can help you to get the balance right, set realistic goals and notice improvements in energy levels, sleep and weight loss. 

When considering making a change, the best thing you can do is just make a start. Don’t put it off as now is always the best time. Contact the Health Trainers team on 01670 623 840, or email

Did you know ...?

Exercising one or two times per week can help reduce the chances of stroke and heart disease. 

(NHS physical activity guidelines for adults aged 19-64 years) 

Tips to improve your mental health

5 ways to wellbeing blog cover image

We understand that life can get busy, and finding time for yourself can be a challenge. Improving your mental health while you're busy working and managing other responsibilities or commitments can feel difficult to know where to start.


Mental health charity, Mind, has created a short list of five useful tips which provide some simple steps to support your wellbeing. 

Explore some of our latest blogs below. To see all blogs, click here to visit our news page.

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Now is a good time for a fresh start

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