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Alcohol Awareness Week

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It's Alcohol Awareness Week! There are lots of myths around alcohol and alcohol harm. Read below some of the common myths to better understand the true impact alcohol can have on us...


“Alcohol helps you to sleep”  

Spoiler alert! Alcohol does not help you sleep. Although you may fall asleep quicker after drinking alcohol, you spend less time in deep sleep, which is what we need to feel well-rested. 


“Red wine is good for you” 

It isn’t! We often hear that red wine is good for us because it contains antioxidants, which protect against heart disease, but there’s no research to show a definite link between drinking alcohol and better heart health. Improving your heart health can be done through eating fresh fruit and vegetables and being physically active. 


“I'm healthy and active so drinking alcohol won’t affect me” 

Nobody is immune from the impacts of alcohol! Although moderate alcohol use as part of a healthy lifestyle is not usually a problem, drinking regularly or heavily can leave us with low energy, poor sleep and headaches. It also increases the risk of long-term health problems including liver disease, high blood pressure, depression and cancer. 


To learn more about alcohol harm and separate fact from fiction, visit Alcohol Change UK charity: Alcohol harms. Time for change. | Alcohol Change UK 

Feeling inspired to have more alcohol free days? Why not try a delicious mocktail? Head over to Health Trainer TV for some fun mocktail recipes!  



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